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Ice From Water

249.00 119.00
This is an effect that looks like a REAL miracle. The performer places a crystal clear glass or bowl of

Liquid Suspention

300.00 250.00
Easy to do, Amazing effect Show the tube empty by allowing the audience to see right through it. A clear

Mirror Box ( Folding )

This extremely easy-to-perform trick is a perfect stunner! A very effective Production box in the form of a cube with

Super Swallowing Sword

699.00 549.00
Good trick props to show some good magic Sword Swallowing Illusion Close up

Sword Swallowing

299.00 275.00
A glazing 19″ steel blade appears to slide right down your throat, completely down to the metal handle. Use this

Sword Through Neck

The magician brings up a member of the audience in order to try out “something new”. The magician then shows

Vanishing cane plastic White

Gone in a blink of an eye! Nice quality Silver plastic cane instantly vanishes at your command! The cane can