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Blank Card

Magicians go to any school or stage with a deck of cards and then they show that the screen is

Blooming Blossom

The magician displays a feather flower and plucks the blossom off the end. He then makes the blossom completely vanish

Break Away Wand

Make them a part of the show! Great comedy prop! When you hold the wand, it looks normal, but hand

Card Vanishing Frame (Jumbo)

Very simple and effective Stage magic trick. The sturdy, plastic frame is just large enough to hold a jumbo card.

Changing Bag

The  Change Bag is one of the most versatile props in magic for the strolling entertainer. You can use this

Comedy Funnel

This is new design of classic comedy funnel; the performer who features comedy magic in their routine must have a

Comedy Funnel (Plastic)

This is a great prop to use in any routine where you are using liquids. For example, you can have

Egg Bag

  The Egg Bag is a classic prop, with all the ingredients that make it the perfect audience participation effect,

Milk Bottle

Performer displays a bottle full of milk. Tilt the bottle down and watch it empty, then tip back up and

Salman ka body

this magic item is realy amazing

Stiff Rope Deluxe

This can be an excellent comedy prop or a serious prop depending on the presentation. A magician is able to

Vanishing Cigarette

In effect, a cigarette is put inside a tube labeled with a ‘No Smoking’ sign. The tube is capped and